About The Zoo

If your preferred wardrobe tastes lie with unusual designers, then you have found your haven. ZooWardrobe is not just a label, it is a lifestyle, based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are the clothing brand chosen for something unique and different. We are inspired and passionate about the beauty of animals, which is why our brand is made around the theme of African/wild animals. Our inspiration and our style have been the experience of real life; we strongly believe that clothing should be designed to meet the needs of the people who wear it. Our designed clothing will make you salivate like a lion, standing over a zebra. We are committed to designing our projects with sustainable production processes. We strive to run our production facilities "without leaving a trace". This means that after dyeing and printing our graphic t-shirts and so on, we want to make sure that our local and global environment does not have a negative impact.


• We work on an innovation platform and an idea to design the best possible clothes for all our customers.

• Our clothing brings together the finest quality and most stunning design, to create something very special that everyone can enjoy.

• We offer the perfect solution for those looking for something special.

• Breathe easy knowing that your clothing designs are safe and reliable with ZooWardrobe.

• We have the best customer care service that is readily available 24/7 to answer all your clothing needs. Our mission is to make you excited to purchase our amazing clothing and deliver the best customer experience we possibly can. We strive to make everyone satisfied with our clothing. We want to make you roar!